I am W.O.R.D. Woman!
A Woman Of Righteous Destiny.
When I stand on God's Word, I am lifted up in
my spirit and I go higher.
When I believe God's Word for myself, I become
what his Word says I am.
When I believe God's Word for my Life, I allow
the Word to bring me to a place where his
intended purpose for my life is accomplished.

Thank You Jesus!

Author: Susan Grant

Thank God for Miracles

The story of Jonah from Corinth Baptist Church

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 No One Knows The Son
CLICK HERE to order  now -

 No One Knows The Son About Author Jamie Cobb
Looking for a good book to read?
Check out
No One Knows The Son
By Author Jamie Cobb
Jamie grew up in Mobile, AL and has an awesome testimony.

Pastor Grants son, Johnny (John) is also mentioned in this book.

You can order your copy today and support Jamie's Ministry
by clicking on the book cover above, or from Amazon.com by clicking below.

For more info, or to book speaking engagements:

Go to: www.jameshcobb.com
Send an e-mail to: Click Here

Or contact the author:
James H. Cobb
(337) 781-3216

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